Thursday, February 16, 2017

Work work work work work work

Whoa. I'm really picking up the pace here. Under a year this time. If only you all knew how long this one has sat finished but not posted... Oh well. On we go!

Being maladjusted shockingly doesn't pay the bills. And very few people not named Oprah truly love their jobs. For too many years I had a job that I liked certain aspects of (i.e. cash money) while disliking essentially working in a live Dilbert cartoon partially staffed with Dementors. So when I saw this kit, it immediately spoke to me. I knew what to do with it. I gladly handed over my painstakingly earned $3.99 and furiously began a stitchin'. Somewhere in between then and now I changed jobs. There is smiling at the new place. And surprise pizza parties. My progress on the kit slowed as I no longer had the daily work rage to motivate me. I eventually did power through and then stopped short of posting until.... today.

Let me just point out some of the items I found relatable in the original:
  • Similar bad hair
  • Having to work on an old ass computer
  • General look of soul-crushed dead-ness
  • Cardigans
Unrelatable items:
  • Floppy hat and umbrella? I feel like it should be a one or the other situation. Or in my case neither.
I drew my inspiration for the mod from the third part of my coping trifecta- humor (the other parts being bourbon and cross stitching). 

It's hard to see (because of my poor photography skills) but I assure you that she still has the sad little thread mouth that the original has. 

It's safe to assume that anyone who has read this far is likely already familiar with the vast filmography of Will Ferrell, but I will nonetheless include the following video for reference purposes and because it makes me laugh. Every. Time.

Luckily, (for you- not me) every time I see any current events nowadays I am increasing my stores of  maladjustedness. Time to make America great(ly filled with little tiny Xs) again,

P.S. So many french knots! Like a boss!
P.P.S. Next mod will feature some Samuel L. Jackson. Hold onto your butts!

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