Friday, December 17, 2010

Down the rabbit hole kiddies!

Although I'm not a fan of bunnies, flowers and butterflies, the thing that most drew me to mod-ing this kit was the already present bizarreness of it. Perhaps the original pic to too small to show you what I mean.

Yep, this is a close up of the rabbit, stitched exactly as the kit instructs. That is one creepy-ass smile and glare. One good look at creeper rabbit makes you really start the question the kit as a whole. You'd think with a phrase like "All things are possible with God" you'd have some motivational rainbows or birds or shit like that. Not a bunny that looks like he is plotting a forest coup. I much as I would like to leave this as is and interpret this kit to mean that God will make it possible for me to have an army of evil ninja rabbits, I decided it make it make a little more sense.

Bam! You didn't see a pun coming did you? I hate puns as much as anyone else but this was just too perfect.

P.S. You're damn right I added another butterfly!
P.P.S. Hope little Peter Creeper Tail doesn't haunt you in your dreams.

1 comment:

  1. i want to make one! and the happiness bunnies. dang it, can't find the patterns anywhere...sigh. guess i'll have to find my own creepy patterns to alter.